Hand crafted toys for every Feline's hunting fantasy

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PLEASE NOTE: Because your Kitty's catnip toy contains organic material, please do not wet or wash it. If Kitty drops it in her water bowl, hang it up in a warm sunny spot until it is completely dry. You can spin only in the washer to remove excess water first. Before giving the toy back to Kitty, please ensure it doesn't smell musty or mouldy. Catnip should smell minty-sweet.


Made from durable upholstery canvas and cotton drill, stuffed with quality fibrefill and a generous amount of organically home grown catnip, CATFISH and LOVEHEARTS will tempt your Kitty into hours of playtime fun. Attractively packaged for gift giving.

above: sweet little bewhiskered CATFISH below: LOVEHEARTS for loved Kitties

below: adorable Bunnykins made from faux fur with fluffy purple bunny tail, purple nose & whiskers.

above & right: Corkonzolas are clean, upcycled wine corks, drilled out, filled with organic catnip and encased in hand crafted 100% pure unbleached cotton cover to create a fun, durable, environmentally friendly toy for your cat. Corkonzolas are perfect for tossing, carrying, retrieving & batting. Corkonzolas come 2 to a pack, in undyed ecru and hand dyed purple.

above: Catnip (nepeta cataria) is a small perennial plant related to mint, containing harmless compounds whose scent affects many Kitties, even some wild cats, sending them into a euphoric-like state for about 15 minutes at a time. The behaviour is harmless and amusing to watch as Kitty can't seem to get enough of the toy or its scent.  'Scrunch' your catnip toy from time to time to distribute the scent.

Not all cats respond to catnip.

above: Hillarious Hillary 'tripped out' on catnip, in a bucket of unfinished toys.


Prey sized, catnip-filled, purple velvet ‘pillows’ with long fuzzy tails, Kitty Kickers offer hunting, pouncing, dragging, bunny-kicking fun for every Kitty. Regular and Large size.

below: Kitty Kickers

below: indestructible square Play Pillows made from outdoor furnishing fabric


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