Petite Animal Window Seat (PAWS)

and our newest, PAWS Outdoors

the purrfect sun lounge keeps Kitties safe indoors

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CASA DI GATA is proud of our fabulous Petite Animal Window Seat (PAWS). PAWS is ideal for homes of all shapes & sizes. So your Kitty can chase the sun all day, have a PAWS in every room!

Using no floor space, PAWS fits most windows using heavy duty suction cups with a combined load capacity of 24 kilograms, enough to support the plumpest Kitty, or even multiple Kitties.

PAWS is safe, secure, comfy, and easy to move from window to window, room to room.

Available in a lovely colour range, PAWS washable decks are hand crafted using top quality furnishing fabrics & heavy duty threads in an exciting range of contemporary colours & classic designs.

PAWS are packed in recyclable LDPE bags. PAWS lightweight PVC frame is easily disassembled so the deck can be removed for laundering. Full laundering & assembly instructions included.

PAWS comes complete with instructions and everything you need to fit it in your home, no drilling damage, tools or extra hardware required. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS IN FULL FIRST.

Your cat will love basking on PAWS as much as our 4 rescues love theirs.


Your Kitties can use PAWS outside with our PAWS OUTDOORS. Hand crafted from top quality UV- and weather-resistant exterior furnishing fabric & mesh, PAWS OUTDOORS can be left outside so your Kitty can lounge & sunbathe up off cold concrete and damp ground. PAWS OUTDOORS has all the features of regular PAWS, PLUS it is weather-resistant.

below: Hillary & Edmund check out the PAWS OUTDOORS prototype.

above:  With PAWS OUTDOORS, your Kitty can watch you inside while you watch him/her outside. Everyone wins with PAWS OUTDOORS!

above: Kitty Zana enjoys her new high view of Burnie, Tasmania on her PAWS

above: Funny Hillary uses the hot pink PAWS in my work room.

below: Hillary and Micino share the morning sun.

above: Our first ever batch of PAWS

above: Sweet Micino basks in the mid-winter sun, safe and secure inside on Casa di Gata's prototype, which is still used daily.

above: As a customers' 3 Ragdolls demonstrate, PAWS is big enough to accommodate multiple Kitties.

above & below: customer's Kitties, Button & Felafel loving their PAWS

below: Although PAWS transparent suction cups have a huge 20+ kilogram capacity they are inconspicuous on the window. 

PAWS Outdoors
Now your Kitties can use PAWS outside. Hand crafted from top quality UV- and weather-resistant exterior furnishing fabric & mesh, PAWS Outdoors can be left outside so your Kitty can sunbathe up off the cold, damp ground.

above & below: PAWS OUTDOORS is now available in Misty Sky Blue& Red.


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