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* The pics tell the whole story. Charlotte feels very safe and cozy in her “casa”. She was so intrigued with the catnip! Her first impressions were of excitement and full of interest. We have kept the casa indoors and it acts as her retreat cave while the kids play, while the kids scream etc etc!! Thanks again, we are so happy with it. - love, Loretta, Lucas & Dimitra P

* Wow Helen, those cat homes are true works of art. You may want to contact local art galleries to see if they would be interested in showing your pieces - you may also get much more money for your pieces from somewhere like that. I'm very impressed! Keep up the wonderful work. Best of luck! - Jill (www.woolcrafting.com)

* These are wonderful! Such creativity and a perfect cozy place for cats to snuggle! Great job! Thanks! - Kate  http://www.moderncat.net/

* Since getting her Bat-A-Rat, Lily ignores all her other toys. When I put the Bat-A-Rat away, she finds it and pulls it out again. - Margaret S

* I recently bought a Softwalk kitty harness from your Ebay store and I just had to email you to tell you how wonderful it was! I have two indoor cats, Harley and Lola. Lola absolutely LOVES going outside but trying to get a harness on her is a nightmare!! Your harness was so easy to get on her and now she can go outside again so just wanted to say a big thank you from me and Lola :) - Georgia

below: gorgeous Lola wearing her new Softwalk Cat Harness.

* Sent to us with a hilarious video: This is Lafel. He has gone crazy & I blame you!! Haha!! He has the Bat-A-Rat & it is down the side of the bed... He is too funny... That's my boy. LOL - Kathryne T

 * From a lady whose Kitty received a Bat-A-Rat and P.A.W.S. as gifts from a friend, and posted a video on Facebook: Thank you Wendy! Izzy's loving her new toys!!! She's loving the mouse... - Rebecca

above: Natalie V's little kitty Bella recuperates from her speying op on her new P.A.W.S.  'She loves it up there, and watches us when we are outside...'

below: 'Asha loves her Bat-A-Rat that she got for Christmas. She doesn't get up for much except food...but when she got it (her Bat-A-Rat) she didn't leave it alone...and it still gets a thrashing every day.' - Laura R

above: Papa Birman and 2 kittens share their new gold velvet PAWS with room to spare. 

above: Client's Kitty Zana enjoys her new view of Burnie, Tasmania. below: Client's Kitty Wat from NSW on his new Deluxe PAWS.

Thanks from Casa di Gata -

I am using my fabulous BROTHER Nouvelle PQ1500S Sewing Machine to create all our fabric products. Infinite thanks to Karyn T from Brother, who kindly made ownership of this wonderful machine possible.

We must recommend our plastic bag manufacturer, PINPAK, whose lovely staff offer amazing service.


* Thank you so much Helen for a beautiful concept. I gave the pink, brown and cream Kitty Bed to a family member for her very new fur addition to the family and she was thrilled. When she took it home she texted straight back to say that Isobel went straight into it - home sweet home. Isobel loved it, Gabrielle loved it, and I fell in love with the creative idea at first sight. - Carolyn A

Love the (Bat-A-)rat and so does our cat, thank you. - Kerry D

Love the (Couch Potato Kitty) bed! Thank you! - Vicky V

Beautifully well made kitty bed, thank you. - Kerry D 'Thank you, Kerry for being a return customer.'

above & below: Abandoned when her heartless owners moved house, tiny Evie, 6 months old, was welcomed into the home of Melissa and Matt S, who purchased a Casa di Gata Petite Animal Window Seat, Bat-A-Rat and casa (see Casas page for pix) for this precious little waif. Melissa says: 'Evie loves her Bat-A-Rat...' and 'Snoozing on her P.A.W.S. Also loves this a lot!' These adorable pix speak for themselves.

above & below: Kathryne T's Kitties, Button and Felafel obviously love their PAWS.

* I purchased a PAWS at a cat show in Boronia nearly a year ago for my darling little Russian Blue kitten Bram. From the moment it was put up, he has adored it. It looks as good as the day I bought it and it has survived an exuberant kitten who is now a 7.5kg one year old that still loves launching himself on and off it!! Bram loves to be on his PAWS watching the world and birds go by. I cannot recommend your product highly enough to all cat owners. Thank you for creating such a fabulous product. - Robina + Bram

below: happy Bram on his PAWS.

 * Hi, thank you for the beautiful scarf. It is really lovely and quite different. So much appreciated your promptness in delivery (your free gift) and the way you presented it for postage. Been a pleasure shopping with a Seller who is so professional and takes such pride of their site. Thank you again. - Anne

Kathy H says: My rescue siblings love sitting on our plush indoor PAWS by my sewing desk, and when it's not raining, we usually have a cat on the outside PAWS too. We have three outdoor PAWS and two indoor PAWS, and they all get used!! Her Kitties, Omar & Opal are pictured above. You can see their 2 PAWS OUTDOORS in the background.

above: Our window seat arrived today and was an instant hit with my ragdoll Muezza! The quality is outstanding and I am really delighted with your service. Many thanks for your amazing product. Regards Kim A & Muezza


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