Casa di Gata hand crafted Knitwear

You couldn't make it yourself for the price.

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Casa di Gata is delighted to offer our latest products, hand crafted garments.

Using quality modern yarns in a huge range of exciting colours, our styles include Scarves, Cowls & long Double Cowls.

The open lace and fine lace yarns create the most exquisite scarves which you can wear for casual or formal.

Our yarns can be acrylic, acrylic mixed with wool or other natural fibres, pure wool, and synthetic mixes. Contemporary yarns have fabulous textures and colours. Some even have fine metallic feature threads.

This page shows only a small selection from our range of hand crafted scarves. Each item takes many hours to finish, and is made with our love of creating items both artistic and practical.

Laundering: ALWAYS hand wash, warm water using wool wash or mild detergent. Rinse well in warm water. Squeeze out excess water & lay flat out of sun to dry. Please do not machine wash, bleach, scrub or wring.

below: Spiral scarves using textured acrylic yarns.
below: these scarves use open lace style yarn bordered with synthetic fleece for extreme warmth and unique style.
below: Some of our fine lace yarn scarves.
below: Some of our open lace yarn scarves. We have a huge choice of colours, too.

above & below: frilly, girly, stylish wraps in a range of colours come with wrap pin using colour matched gemstones and cat charms.


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